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Business Intelligence


SENTINEL KOREA combines leading market entry and competitive intelligence methodology with an excellent understanding of the Korean peninsula to offer clients state-of-the-art business intelligence services including:

  • Market entry services

  • Industry and competitor intelligence

  • Transaction due diligence

  • Business risk analysis

  • Commercial analysis

  • Bidding strategies

  • Country risk information


Corporate Investigation


SENTINEL KOREA offers a range of investigative services including both internally and externally focused. Sentinel Korea’s investigative services include:

  • Fraud investigation

  • Financial embezzlement investigation

  • Asset investigation

  • Regulatory investigation

  • FCPA related cases


Track down overseas fleeing criminal


SENTINEL KOREA track down the overseas fleeing criminal.

  • International airport and port entry check

  • Any stops and transit points check

  • Local law enforcement agency and CI networking

  • Pinpoint tracing the hiding cities

  • Identify the local assistant to the fleeing criminal

  • International extradition assistance


Due Diligence


SENTINEL KOREA provides a range of due diligence service for global investors and corporations. 

  • Confirm the company directors and/or officers.

  • Confirm the existence of companies.

  • Property search and verifications of companies and directors and/or officers.

  • Search and verify any general media attention on the companies and directors/or officers.

  • Verifies any adverse credit information on the companies and the directors or officers.

  • Check with regulators on company activities.

  • Criminality checks (in the countries where it’s legal).

  • Checks on other companies associated with the main company.

  • Full background checks on a company and its premises, including canvassing local opinion.

  • Check on civil court cases (where legal) in which the company, the directors and/or the officers have been involved in civil litigation either as litigants or defendants.

  • Checking connections to organized criminal groups.

Security Consulting


SENTINEL KOREA offers a range of security consulting services adapted specifically to the Korean Peninsula. Through our application of international standards for risk management combined with the company's unique relationship with government and international partners, the company is able to offer its clients state-of-the-art security consulting services.


SENTINEL KOREA's Security Consulting services portfolio is categorized into three groups:

  • Business Continuity Planning

  • Security Audit (ISO 28000+)

  • Compliance

  • Travel​ Security Plan

  • Security Design and Implementation

  • Communication security


Litigation Support


SENTINEL KOREA offers a range of litigation support services in relation to security and risk management. 

These services include amongst others, the following:

  • On-site evidence collection

  • Secure evidence storage and review

  • 24/7 document processing

  • Legal and technical consulting

  • Recovery of erased or damaged data

  • Testimony on forensic findings

  • Document delivery service

  • Translation & Interpretation