Chairperson / Policy advisory committee /  ICIC


Policy advisor / Korea National Police Agency


Policy advisor/  NCSC

Former  Security manager / IVI

Former  Counter-Terrorism Researcher /  OICJ

Dr.  Tae Jin Chung


Due diligence

Corporate investigation

Business intelligence

ISO Auditing


University of Leeds (UK) / School of Law/ Ph.D

Michigan State University (US) / Criminal Justice/ M.S.

Michigan State University (US) / Telecommunication/ B.A.

Dr. Chung is the CEO of Sentinel Korea and a professor in the field of cybercrime with expertise in transnational crime, terrorism and Industrial security.

Dr. Chung is also working with a broad network including the Korean government, international academia and risk consulting services for collaborated projects. 

Director, Sales & Marketing

Principal research engineer / Service start-up firm

Post-doctoral researcher / University of Leeds

Former Quality Engineer / 3M

Former ISO 9001 Internal & External auditor / 3M

Dr. Lawrence. K. Nam


Service design research

Service marketing strategy

New business development

Quality management


University of Leeds (UK) / Design Management / Ph.D

Aalto University (Finland) / Int'l Design and Business Mgt / MBA

Dongguk University (Korea) / Chemical Engineering / B.Eng.

Dr. Nam is a director of sales & marketing at Sentinel Korea and has experiences in manufacturing and service businesses.

Dr. Nam has expertise in researching the strategic uses of design for services with in-depth hands-on experiences in a global manufacturing company.

Advisor to the executive board 

Mr. Morten Hansen


Risk and crisis management

Strategic and international political analysis

Business leadship


Nanyang Tech University / Strategic Studies / M.Sc

University of Southern Denmark / MBA

University of Copenhagen / Political Science / B.A.

Mr. Morten Hansen is a co-founder of Sentinel Korea. He has expertise in risk and crisis management and has held a leadership position within emergency, security and crisis management both in government and the private sector.

For the past seven years, Mr. Hansen has held positions as a chief executive officer of service and manufacturing businesses. During this time he has been responsible for new business development, operations management and successful turnarounds.

Advisor to the executive board 

Mr. Ahmed Moubarek


Fundraising and Real estate development 

Corporate governance

Strategic alliance


American University / Art and Architecture / M.A

Ain Shams University / B.Sc.

Mr. Ahmed Moubarek has more than 20 years’ experience in major companies management. Proven performance in enterprise programs, leadership, business and program management.


Responsible for companies achievement of anticipated revenue and profitability by proper management and market research, feasibility studies, marketing, branding and quality while maximizing profitability through managing cash flow. 

Regional Director


-France & Africa -

Mr. Kevin Han


African region security consulting expert

Logistics security expert


Korea National Open University / Department of Data Science and Statistic / B.S.

Mr. Han retired from the Legion Etrangere, France. After the military career, he had worked as a freelance tour guide and chef for more than 10 years in Paris. Mr. Han established a strong government & private network across the French-speaking countries. Before he joined Sentinel Korea, he had been involved in the international trade that particularly focused on Africa region.

Mr. Han is focusing on enhancing the international trade portfolio of Sentinel Korea for France and Africa.

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